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Chairman of the Board  
  Masahiro Nonaka

In the course of over half a century, Changmu Gold Plating company has been engaged in technical development of plating precious metal on surface of precision electronic parts and components, and established Maoying Electron (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Jinshan District, Shanghai.

Relying on Japan’s highly developed science and technology foundation and information system, grasping timely the changes and requirements of the era, and upholding the principle of “love the earth, protect the environment”, the company maintains truly the relationship of “coexistence and mutual prosperity” with China so as to set up a system of interdependence.

Under the guidance of the concept of “making progress everyday”, all the employees, from top to grassroots, always keep customers’ interest in mind so as to provide customers with perfect services, through our treasured objectives of excellence (quality management), low price (price management) and fast speed (delivery time management), and our continuous improvement of management and service level; we expect to get further support and encouragement from the people like you.




Company name

Maoying Electron(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.
Company address

197 Linsheng Road, Tinglin Town, Jinshan District
Tel.: 8621-67232842
Fax.: 8621-57239292

Representative Chairman of the Board----Masahiro Nonaka
General Manager----Tang, Guobao
Establishment 2004, November
Registered capital USD $ 4,500,000
Scope of business

Various plating for variety of precision parts and components, composite plating with good lubricity.

Number of employees 66
Bank of deposit

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Shanghai Branch



1952 The company, named TSUNEKI METAL FINISHING WORKS was set up in Tabata, Kita-ward, Tokyo with 300,000 Japanese yen in October. Shigeru Tsuneki was the Chairman of the Board.
1959 With increasing of orders, by improving quality and various tools and clamping apparatus and equipment, the systems like process analysis and quality inspection have been improved perfectly.
1960 To strengthen the control and management system of public nuisance, automatic treatment device was installed.
1970 As reception of orders of precision parts and components, plating of precious metal like gold and silver started, and metal plating of nickel and gold with good adhesiveness was started on stainless steel.
Special function on each equipment established.
1976 In February, a new system was set up
Shigehiro Tsuneki assumed the position of Chairman of the Board
1977 As expansion of the factory, it became the factory especially for plating of various precision equipment.
Set up the production principle: more varieties, small lot
1979 Renamed as TSUNEKI METAL FINISHING Co., Ltd.
1983 New technology development department was set up, with the quality management department and technology development department strengthened.
1985 Brother company THINK TRADING was established; planning extension of the business.
1989 Composite plating film technology with good lubricity was developed; and received good responses.
1991 Brother company Future was set up to strengthen sales. Made TSUNEKI technical report and provided all round technical support.
1992 Equipment for environmental protection was added, and public nuisance control equipment was improved and increased with adopting of new technology. Proceeded to develop new products.
1995 In November, new plant was established in KAWAGUCHI, SAITAMA PREFECTURE.
1999 In March, office building(three-story steel structure)of KAWAGUCHI factory was completed.
2000 In July, obtained ISO9002 authentication.(JQA-QM5039)
In December, Brother company GOLDEN AGE was established.
2002 In August, obtained ISO9001 authentication.(revised version 2000)
2003 In January, Brother company INCUBATE was established.
2004 In June, obtained ISO14001 authentication. (JQA-EM4098)
In November, Maoying Electron (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. was established.
2006 In March, construction of factory of Maoying Electron (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. was completed.

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